• $5.99


  • $12.00

    Thai Chicken Wings

    Deep fried chicken wings cooked with homemade chili sauce.

  • $12.00

    Thai Fish Cake (5 piece)

    Minced fish meat, long bean, chili paste served with Thai cucumber relish

  • $12.00

    Shrimp Tempura

    Fresh shrimp dipped in tempura batter and deep-fried until perfectly crispy, served with sweet chili sauce.

  • $8.00

    Pot stickers (5 piece)

    Choice of Chicken deep fried or, steamed dumplings and served with ginger sauce.

  • $8.00

    Egg Rolls (5 piece)

    Vegetarian deep fried rolls wrapped in Wonton skin served with sweet chili sauce.